How To Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

One of the basic skills to develop as a new acoustic guitarist is how to change the strings.  So basic it is, that a correct process is often not taught when one is learning the guitar.  Often times we change our strings in a less than ideal environment.  For years my standard place to change the strings on my acoustic guitar was sitting on the couch, watching whatever I could find on TV that I thought might somehow make me a better player.  While this was a comfortable spot on a Saturday morning, it usually led to my guitar tipping over or my figure getting poked by the end of a string.  The bad habits I developed became so common I thought frustration was just part of changing strings.

After a few years I came to realize that taking the time to restring on a flat surface (usually the kitchen counter) not only made it easier, but took less time.  Although I lost the benefit of becoming a better player through VH1, I learned that making sure the ball end is set and getting an appropriate number of wraps around the post can result in better play-ability, better intonation and improve the look of the guitar head.

There are a thousand videos out there on how to change acoustic guitar strings, rather than add to the list, I wanted to include a couple that I thought were worth watching.  Each one includes some tips that are sure to make your next string change better.  I particularly like Taylor's tip for measuring the string length and cutting before you wrap.  For me, this has eliminated the most unprofessional look of too many winds on the low E string.  Keep in mind, the spacing between your tuning post may be different than the Taylor guitar that was demonstrated, especially on heads with all tuning pegs on side (like most Fender guitars).

I hope you find these video informative.  Let us know if you have any string changing suggestions you think others might find helpful.

Enjoy and stay In-Tune.

How To Restring Your Accoustic Guitar - by Taylor Guitars

How To Restring Your Accoustic Guitar - by Martin Guitars

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