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What is a Custom String Subscription?

A Custom String Subscription is a way to get YOUR STRINGS-YOUR WAY. Our unique shop allows you to create a subscription string plan to receive the strings brands you are already playing. Select whether you would like to receive your strings Every Month or Every Other Month and we will send them to you on this schedule. Rather than only having a few subscriptions plans to choose from, we let you create your own so you only get YOUR STRINGS-YOUR WAY.

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Why is there no sales tax?

Guitar String Shop is located in Montana and Montana has no generally applicable sales tax. If your home state requires you to pay sales tax for out of state internet purchases, you are responsible for reporting and paying that tax in accordance with your home state’s requirements.

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What is the difference between a subscription and an order?

A subscription is created for the strings you add to your cart and purchase through the checkout.  The subscription will have a renewal period of every month or every-other month, based on what you select when adding them to your cart.  All strings that are purchased at the same time and have the same renewal period will be placed in the same subscriptions and will renew at the same time.  If you have some strings for every month and some strings for every-other month in the same cart and go to check out, two subscriptions will be create (one monthly and on every-other month).  All subscriptions will have their own identification number and can be viewed and managed at anytime.

An order number is created each time there is a billing and delivery associated with a subscription.  This means there will be an order number for the first delivery of the strings in each subscription and a new order will be created each time a subscription is renewed (based on if you select monthly or every-other month).  Each order number will have a related subscription that will determine the strings that are delivered and the billing.

Think of an order as just like anything else you would order online.  Think of a subscription as what determines will be in your order, how often you will receive it and how much it will cost.

You subscription and order numbers are found on the My Account page.  Here you can view the details, status and manage your subscriptions.

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What are the options under My Account?

The My Account page is where you have full control over your subscriptions and account information.  When you visit this page, you will see a menu on the left side that lists various options.  If you would like to change a subscription, select Subscription from the menu.  This will display a list of all your subscriptions and show their status, next payment date and amount.

Each subscription will have a VIEW button that will display its details.  From here you can Pause, Play, Stop, Change Address, or Change Payment.  The following describes these action buttons:

Pause – If your subscription is active you will see a PAUSE button.  Pressing pause will temporally place your subscription on hold.  You will not be charged or receive shipments until you reactive your subscription.

Play – If your subscription is on hold your will see a PLAY button.  Pressing play will reactivate your subscription and you will receive your strings at your next renewal date.

Stop – You will always see the STOP button.  This will permanently cancel your subscription.  A new subscription would need to be created to receive strings.

Change Address – This will allow you to change the delivery address for the subscription. Each subscription will have it’s own delivery address. If you move, or change your address, you will want to change the adress for each subscription you have.

Change Payment – This will allow you to change the payment method for future renewal orders.

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What emails will I receive related to my subscriptions?

The following emails will be sent:
• Completed Order – Sent to you when you purchase your subscription notifying you that your order has been received and is being processed.
• Order Shipped – Sent to you when your order is shipped.
• Processing Renewal Order – Sent to you when payment has been processed for your renewal order. At this time your renewal order will show as Pending until it is shipped on the first Monday after the renewal date.
• Completed Renewal Order – Sent to you when your subscription renewal order has been shipped.
• Renewal Invoice – This email will only be sent to you if your automatic payment failed to process. The email will contain the renewal information and a payment link where you can make a manual payment in order to keep the subscription active. If payment is not made within 7 days, the subscription will be automatically cancelled and you will not receive any further charges or shipments.

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What do I have to do for my subscription to renew?

No action is required by you to renew your subscription. Based on the Billing & Delivery you selected when you created your Custom String Subscription, your subscription will automatically renew either every month or every 2nd month. At the renewal time, the payment method associated with your account will be automatically charge the amount of your subscription. Your strings will be shipped on the first Monday following your renewal date. This will be a maximum of 5 business days from the time you are charged for your renewal.

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Can I have more than one subscription?

That’s like asking if you can have more than one guitar. There is always room for more than one! Yes, you can multiple subscriptions of either Every Month or Every Other Month. If you create more than one Every Month or Every Other Month subscriptions and they have different renewal dates in the month, we may work with you to adjust the renewal dates so that your subscriptions can be shipped at the same time. Maybe you need electric strings every month and acoustics every 2nd month, no problem!. That’s YOUR STRINGS-YOUR WAY.

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