What is the difference between a subscription and an order?

A subscription is created for the strings you add to your cart and purchase through the checkout.  The subscription will have a renewal period of every month or every-other month, based on what you select when adding them to your cart.  All strings that are purchased at the same time and have the same renewal period will be placed in the same subscriptions and will renew at the same time.  If you have some strings for every month and some strings for every-other month in the same cart and go to check out, two subscriptions will be create (one monthly and on every-other month).  All subscriptions will have their own identification number and can be viewed and managed at anytime.

An order number is created each time there is a billing and delivery associated with a subscription.  This means there will be an order number for the first delivery of the strings in each subscription and a new order will be created each time a subscription is renewed (based on if you select monthly or every-other month).  Each order number will have a related subscription that will determine the strings that are delivered and the billing.

Think of an order as just like anything else you would order online.  Think of a subscription as what determines will be in your order, how often you will receive it and how much it will cost.

You subscription and order numbers are found on the My Account page.  Here you can view the details, status and manage your subscriptions.

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